Start LiveStream Broadcaster, fill the registration form and hit Register.


LiveStream Broadcaster automatically detects all connected cameras and creates a tab for each one. Profile button displays the following form for selected camera.
You can edit camera's alias, capture option, publicity*, sound device and motion detection settings.

Most of these parameters are also accessible remotely via LiveStream Mobile and website on the fly.

(*) Public camera may be watched by anybody in "read only" mode, i.e. only when it's active and without profile editing.
Hit Ok to save the settings.


Hit Start to activate the camera locally.
Upon green line appearance Preview screen reflects broadcasted content.
Hit Web to access web control panel.

Capture & Archive

You can capture broadcasted video to a file by enabling corresponding check box at Profile form.
Recorded video is available locally and via LiveStream Mobile.
Hit Archive for local view.

Cameras control

Navigate to Cameras page and sign in.

All your cameras (from different computers) are concentrated here along with the public ones.
Use Start, Stop and Show buttons.

Web view

Hit Show to view desired camera.
Use right and left arrows to adjust the quality.

Important: LiveStream web viewer requires Java 1.5 or later installed on your computer.
You can download java for free from here.
Browser must be restarted upon Java installation.

Notification channels

Navigate to Account page and sign in.

You can add/remove various motion detection notification channels under Motion notifications settings.

Camera permissions

Navigate to Cameras page and sign in.

Hit edit under desired camera profile and select permissions tab.

Add/remove LiveStream users who are permitted to watch/manipulate selected camera.


This section assumes that you've already downloaded and installed LiveStream mobile client.
If not please refer Download page.

Locate and start LiveStream mobile client on your handset.

Enter credentials, use the same username/password you used when registered, and hit Sign in.

Cameras control

Select and activate camera using handset's joystick or Options menu.
Use Options -> Cam profile to manipulate camera settings.


One more joystick click on the selected camera (or Options menu) shows you the video feed.
Use Options menu to adjust video quality.

Joystick's UP/DOWN selects (highlights) an option, LEFT/RIGHT adjusts the value.

Capture & archive

Use Options menu or press joystick button to start/stop video capture.
Red icon is blinking while capture is on.

Use Options -> Show archive to retrieve archived video.
Select an item to play.
Use joystick to pause/resume video playback.